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Welcome to SheHelpsHer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Hi! Welcome to SheHelpsHer, a youth-run nonprofit organization dedicated to providing underprivileged women with access to healthcare! My name is Sindhoori Kalavacharla, a co-founder alongside Gisela Liu, Rosalyn Ung, and Suhani Akhouri. A few months ago we were given the task at an ideathon to create a solution to a sex/gender-specific issue and immediately thought of women's health care. As girls we understand the struggle of being women, whether it periods, pregnancy, buying things like pads, tampons, and other women necessities under the pink tax or even women-specific health risks, but we wanted to make our idea unique and effective. As a girl who deals with her own period struggles, it got me thinking about all the other women who go through it and how some don’t have easy access to a doctor, don’t have the right medications or even pads. How are they getting through all this with no help what so ever? That thought made us really think about how many underprivileged women out there have to deal with their pregnancies alone without support, the young girls experiencing their first period without really understanding the change they are experiencing, and the fact that they may have no access to healthcare in general! We NEED to change that. The 4 of us created SheHelpsHer with the goal to provide healthcare, support, and empower these women, to show them we are here for each other and that they can get through anything! We want to start by forming groups of young leaders to help make care packages, meet and partner with health professionals, and build a community! Together we believe we can truly make a change! We hope you join us on this journey as we work on INFORMING and EMPOWERING women!

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