YA4C X She Helps Her

She Helps Her teamed up with Youth Advocates for Change, a nationwide youth-led nonprofit created to amplify youth voices & inspire local action through the intersections of social justice to hold a Menstrual Supply Drive for Womens Month. The drive took place in march 2021 collecting over 1,900 items for the Courageous Women Association, a shelter in Oakland, California and the Women's Daytime Drop-In in Berkeley, California.


She Helps Her X DVHS CSF

She Helps Her collaborated with Dougherty Valley High School's CSF chapter in January 2021 to hold a drive collecting toiletries and sanitary products. The drive collected over 2,400 items which were later donated to the Courageous Women Association, a women's shelter in Oakland, California.

She Helps Her collaborated with Dougherty Valley High School's CSF chapter a second time in March 2021 collecting over 2,600 items which were again donated to the Courageous Women Association.

Breast Cancer Card Drive

She Helps Her held a Card writing drive for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2020. This event was an opportunity to help women recently diagnosed with breast cancer by providing them words of encouragement! We donated over 30 cards from the campaign and can't wait to hold this drive again this year.

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The Speaker Series

She Helps Her held a speaker series with 3 wonderful speakers, Fatima Rahim a Pre-med student at NYU, Emily Gao a Pre-med student at UCLA (Regents' Scholar)
and Eshita Sharmin a Med Student at AUC School of Medicine to aid those who are interested in learning more about medical school, applying, and finding a major. The event was held on July 20th, July 23rd, and July 25th 2020


She Helps Her collaborated with Appilyday and 30 other nonprofit youth initiatives across the world in June 2020 to work on a video project. The purpose of this project was to educate under-represented people and non-native English speakers on the basic knowledge of COVID-19. 

We would like to quickly thank Appilyday for including us in this initiative and letting us contribute to this amazing cause!

If you want to be a part of projects like this, contact Appilyday on Instagram @appilyday and visit their website