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Project Novus Ideathon

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

A few months ago, 2 founders of SheHelpsHer, Gisela Liu, and Sindhoori Kalavacharla attended an event at their school called the Project Novus ideathon. The purpose of the event was to generate ideas to improve sex/gender-related issues, so they thought through and decided they would focus on women's health care since it was something they were both very passionate about. By the end of the ideathon, they had come up with a company that would provide care packages and help to women in the low income, underprivileged and homeless communities. 2 chairs of Project Novus, Rosalyn Ung, and Suhani Akhouri were very interested in implementing this idea as a part of their project but sadly due to Covid-19 the project was cut short. After discussing and a lot of thought they realized that even without this project, they want to make this a real thing. Women's health care needs more attention and this idea could make a big impact. This was the birth of SheHelpsHer!

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